is it possible to set up one character colour ''set'' for ALL scenes?

If i want to change the colour of my character to change afterwards, is it possible that it will change in ALL of the other scenes with that same character. How do you do this in Harmony standalone?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This Tip of the Week covers color in Harmony and describes how to do what you have described:

I had already saw that one, and it understand what they are saying in that video… but: it is not about the ‘‘harmony-exclusive’’ feature that i thought only harmony had… I’ve read that you can only have one master pallete for all scenes in this forum thread:

Quote from Lilly:
‘’‘The ability to have one master palette that automatically updates in all scenes in a Harmony feature, and requires you to be working with a database - which it is possible to set up a database locally on one machine only.’’’

They aren’t talking about anything like that in the video, and not even really about keeping the same pallet over multiple scene’s at all.

and it all confuses me… Is it hard to set up this database? is it also possible in the Harmony standalone? Is there a tutorial specific to this Harmony feature?

You can have a master palette, for instance on a directory somewhere called “palettes”.

Imagine that you create a palette on scene 01 of your project. When you save the scene it will create a file in "scene_01/palette-library/, for instance “character.plt”.

You can then copy the palette, in this case ‘character.plt’ via file explorer/finder to “Palettes” directory.

In every scene you have to right-click on the character palette and chose “link to external”. Then you’ll point to the copy you saved on the Palettes directory. That will bring you a copy of the palette to the scene palette list. Delete the one from the scene (the one with the ‘v’ saying it’s local) and keep the one you linked to, on your palette dir (with an arrow pointing to the left inside a red circle, warning it’s not on the scene directory). If you mouse-over on the palette name it will confirm the location on your computer of the palette file.

After this, every time you change a palette on any given scene it will change everywhere on your project, because you’re using the same palette file. Make sure you back it up, just in case.

In database mode it’s different, because when you open the plt somewhere else on your structure you’re still using that file, while Standalone creates a new file in the scene structure.

Beware when you share scenes, because you will lose the palettes (they’re not inside the scene folder) except if you recreate the path of the palette directory on the other computer (for instance, c://Harmony/my_project/Palettes/character.plt).

Feel free to correct if something is not accurate in this description.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

A few questions come to mind:

Is this also possible in Animate Pro? i see the Link to external option also there in my PLE version. Or is that one different and is this feature of using one master palette only exclusive to Harmony?

((i get confused with that when comparing these two documentation links: AND|Toon%20Boom%20Harmony%2010%20Stage%20User%20Guide|Chapter%206%3A%20Colour|Palettes|_____11 I see only the harmony doc one talking about it. But animate also has an Link to external option, so why isn’t there information about it in the doc like it is in the harmony doc?))


Can i assume that it works better and more easy with the Harmony Network version, because you have this database thing? Is there a reason to buy/ or is there any benefit from buying the Network license? even though i work completely alone?

** i am still figuring out what to buy, so thats why :slight_smile:

To be honest, you really should have provided all of the additional information when you asked the question in the first place. Going by the words in your original post the answer could have been contained in the video. It looks to me like Lilly also confirmed a way to handle this using Animate Pro in the last post of that linked thread. Almost everything, if not everything, possible in Animate Pro can be done in Harmony so this is an alternative method not requiring the exclusive Harmony database. I hope you find what you are looking for.

If you have Animate Pro PLE you can try it very quickly by creating two scenes drawing a character on the first one, and creating a palette for it. It can be something simple like a couple of circles with two different colours. Then you can copy it for scene 2, it will duplicate that palette as a NEW one. In file explorer copy the first palette to the “master palette” dir and link both palettes to the copy in that dir in both scenes. Remove the palette native to the scenes and keep only the link-to-external. Open one scene and change your palette, open the other scene and check if the colour was updated. Do it again changing on scene 2 and opening on 1 to see if it updated just to double check. It should work, I think.

Luis Canau

If you work solo you shouldn’t need the Database version. I think it will be way more expensive. But if you plan to expand and hire some people it might be an investment to consider :slight_smile:

But, yes, it’s more practical the way it handles palettes, since you don’t need to link to external in every scene, you just need to open the master palette. I’m not using the database version right now so I can’t confirm subtleties.

The important part is to use an element palette rather than a scene palette.

First you need to turn on the “Advanced Palette Lists” from the “Advanced” tab of the preferences. Now when you create a new palette you will have more options - including the option to create an element palette.