Is it possible to set a transparent background in order to export aniamtions to after effects?


I’m interested in buying animate 3 as i prefer frame by frame over cut-out, but before i have a question.

Is it possible de create my animation scenes with a transparent background so i can easily export my animations to after effects and composite them with background, effects, 3D etc?
I know harmony can do that but i already own after effects (so i don’t have to buy a new costly software) and i’m confortable with it + i’m not interest by cut-out + animate 3 is only 300$ vs probably more than 2000$ for harmony standalone who probably does what my after effects can already do.


Thanks for the answer nolanscott :slight_smile:

Make sure there is no background in your Animate project.
Then export using a codec that supports an Alpha Channel (Transparent Background).
e.g. PNG, PSD etc… (Millions of Colours +) the “+” represents the Alpha Channel.

In Animate Pro select from the Write module PNG4, PSD4 etc.
(the “4” represents the Alpha Channel).