Is it possible to render using the frame/drawing name as the FILENAME?

At the studio where I work we have files with hundreds of frames, each frame having a unique name. When rendering using the “Write” node in the Network, all the frames are named accordingly to the “Write” node name, e.g. if the node is named “arm” the file names would then be “arm001.png”, “arm002.png”, “arm003.png”, and so on. Is it possible to configure it so the final rendered images use the frame/drawing name instead? We don’t want to use consecutive numbers, but rather the unique name of each frame/drawing. Is there some sort of code I could use in the Network “Write” Module, like specifying “%4F” at the beginning of the name or something like in Storyboard Pro?

We are using Toon Boom Harmony, I don’t know how different the options would be from Animate Pro. Also, we render PNGs, I don’t know if that makes a difference for the naming options one may get when rendering.

Thanks! Any help will be greatly appreciated, we have hundreds of frames to render and renaming each one manually would be extremely inefficient!

Fernando Sanzzi