Is it possible to rename ports on a group node?

I’ve got a group I created that has a couple of inputs - I’d like to rename those inputs so they’re more helpful to people using the group - is there a way to rename these inputs?



Yeah, that’s what I’m going with for now. I did log a feature request, so hopefully someone will see it and go “oh my goodness, that’s so easy to implement, let’s do it now!” heh :slight_smile:

thanks everyone for the help!

If you’re asking if it’s possible to rename the pegs in your picture the answer is yes.
Click on the yellow box and edit the name field.

You can’t?

I do it in other packages all the time - I provide a rig template to other artists to use. I want to make it easy for them to understand. If they’re plugging data into various nodes, they want to know what those nodes are for.

In this very specific case, I’ve created an “aim” setup which is a group that contains a two-point-constraint node and a transformation-limit. It also has a number of pegs and is organized in a way that it takes 2 inputs and provides 2 outputs.

The two inputs are a peg for the base of the aim, and a peg for the target.

The outputs are the resulting peg, and the display.

I want to make it very easy for anyone to know exactly what to plug into and out of.

Right now both transform plugs show “Transformation” when you select them.

It would be much more helpful if they showed a label like:
“Base Peg [Transformation]” and “Target Peg [Transformation]”

So the user knows exactly what to plug in.

Does that help clarify the reason?


Not the pegs, but the little green ports that appear when you click on them in a group. Notice how the word “Transformation” is there? I’d like to replace the tooltip text

No this is not possible and I can’t even imagine what
reason you could have for wanting to do this.

So that you can see what you are plugging into without having to open another network window and opening the group, and having to figure it out. Especially if you have a lot going on inside that group, such as other groups in an effort to organize a huge multi-view rig. This can get especially complicated if you have advanced patches that work no matter where you place limbs on the z axis. This would be extremely helpful to ANYONE who has spent any time building a multi-view rig.


In fact, many of harmony’s own nodes have this already built in… for example, the two-point-constraint itself has 3 incoming plugs… “Switch”, “Left-Peg” and “Right-Peg”. Those descriptions help tell people how to use them.


Could be awesome indeed !

But I really think it’s something set a little bit deeper.
I heard you can create your own nodes in cpp with the Sdk.
Must be set at this level…

Let us know if you manage to change it !


Did you figure this out with a script, or have any luck researching this?


Haven’t had any luck yet - it sounds like harmony doesn’t allow for renaming of the ports in the interface, and the hacking I’ve tried with the xml files doesn’t seem to work. :slight_smile:

There may be a way with the api, but I haven’t found any documentation that would show how to create your own nodes that way.

Your best option would be to include some note nodes beside the inputs, labeled to how you’d like. You could even put a backdrop behind the group and the notes if you’re worried about them escaping.

That feels a bit overkill though, if you keep your group organized it won’t take them long to figure out what does what