Is it possible to move liscense to a new computer?

Recently, my laptop (aged 5) has started to show it’s age. I use it as a primary machine, but it’s time to do a clean install of windows on it and build a desktop PC to power my business.

I currently own Toon Boom Animate, and it’s installed on the laptop.

Will I be able to move the Animate License to the new computer and continue using it?

Thanks so much for the help, I’m a huge fan of the program.

The HUGE caveat is that you need to make sure that you return your license from your laptop BEFORE you do a clean OS install. Once you reinstall Windows, TBA sees it as a new machine.

You can install Animate on more than one computer, but you can only activate the program on one computer at a time by managing your license online via the License Wizard, which you’ll find in your TB application folder. You can do this as often as you wish.

Here’s a tutorial:

What if you have to recover from a hard driver failure or a virus?

You are allowed a few (not certain of the precise number but I think it is 3-5) installs without doing the formal return/activation process. You can do the formal return/activate process an unlimited number of times.

Try to do it the proper way to conserve them.

If you exceed the limit Toon Boom would help you out but it will require extra effort and time contacting and exchanging communication with them and waiting for their response.