is it possible to make a game?

is it posible to make a game on toon boom studio 4.0 and how?

IIIIII really dont know

… Why?

You could do some of the work of creating a game in Toon Boom Studio but not all of it. A game is usually a combination of animation and interaction. The animation part could be done in Toon Boom Studio, but the interactive part requires programming so that part would have to be done in software that supported some form of programming. Flash is one application that people use to create games. Flash has a programming system called Action Script that supports user interactivity. So as an approach you could do the game’s animation in Toon Boom Studio and using the TBSi importer you could import your animation work into Flash and then do the rest of the game’s creation, the interactivity part, in Flash. But without interactivity you can’t have a game. So the answer to your question is yes, partially in Toon Boom but no not completely in Toon Boom. -JK