Is it possible to Lasso & Fill shapes in Storyboard Pro 4.2?

I work in feature animation, and filling in characters and shapes on a separate layer is a high-volume task. In Photoshop, you simple trace an image with the lasso tool on a separate layer, and paint bucket fill or brush the color in. doesn’t have to be perfect… Is there a method/tool/cheat in storyboard pro. And NO, I don’t wish to simply fill in a drawing on the same layer. Most drawings are too rough and have gaps in the lines, so it’s more work to try to clean those up first, and when you have 300-400 drawing to go through…well you get the picture. Thanks!

Hi bacculus,

Storyboard Pro 5.5 has an Auto-Matte feature that would help you automatically put fills or colour on all your selected panels.
Make sure the layers you want to create mattes for have the same names in the multiple panels, and select multiple panels using CMD+SHIFT, or CTRL+SHIFT.

See it in action here: