Is it possible to key 3D nodes?

In regards to 3d objects in Storyboard pro.

Can child nodes be keyed? Right now I can only key the parent node of a 3D object and am unable to key child nodes. I can transition the child nodes, they will hold through the parent animation, but I can’t key them individually on top of the parent animation. The TBSP documentation implies that these nodes can be animated but doesn’t outright say it. Is this possible and I have a glitchy machine or am I mistaken and it is not possible?

As an example, I am trying to have the wings of a spaceship rotate down while the ship moves along a curved path. The curved path makes this really hard to do with two separate objects. I was hoping to use 3d nodes to simplify my workflow. My current work around is to splice the shot up and move the child node a bunch of times. I’m looking for a more elegant solution.

Is it possible to key 3D nodes? If not, I would love to see this in a future update.

thanks in advance,