is it possible to import toon boom files from one computer to another?

My writing partner and I are attempting to use Toon Boom v3 (trial) on 2 different computers. The idea is to both work on scenes and then send them back and forth to add to the final product.

We are having a problem importing toon boom files from one computer to the other. When trying to load an image onto the exposure sheet, the toon boom file appears as a faded icon and won’t let us import it.

I wasn’t able to find anything in studio help, so any advice would be gretly appreicated. Thanks.

Hi Jeff,I know I have answered already via techsupport but I thought this would help others.The best way to share scenes or projects is to use the library. Toon Boom Studio templates are not limited to assets but can also contain effects, pegs, cameras, etc. It can contain anything except linked media.So if you want to share a scene, just drag everything from the timeline to the library to create a template. Then open the library on the other computer and drag back the template to the timeline. Change the camera from the default camera to the one you saved in the template (using the camera selection box) and that’s it.I hope this helps !Cheers,