Is it possible to import animate pro symbols into Harmony 12

I am unable to import illustrator files into Harmony 12 (I’m on a mac and everything is up to date. There is another thread about this I know) I was wondering if there is a work around whereby I could import the illustrator files in the Animate Pro library as .tpl and then bring them into Harmony 12. Any ideas on how to do this? Cheers

Hi Crachpothead,
To import illustrator files, please follow the instruction below:
Animate Pro files are not compatible with Harmony.

Okay I found a convoluted way to do this. I imported the illustrator file into Animate Pro Library and then went to the Animate Pro Library folder in my Documents folder. Inside, there is a folder called (image name).tpl and inside that is a folder called elements. Drill down until you see the .tvg file or files. In Harmony, select import/images and then navigate to the .tvg file or files you want to import. (If you have multiple illustrator files import them into Animate Pro and they will all end up in the Library folder but in different subfolders so you’ll have to drill down in each folder to the .tvg files and use command when selecting them) When you import you will be asked if you want to import the pallets as well.

So If you’ve done your drawing in Illustrator all is not lost, it’s just really tedious. If you have a better way please please let us know and if there are scriptologists out there who can come up with an automated way to do this (e.g., go to Animate Pro Library-›find all .tvg files-›import) that would be great. Cheers.

Unfortunately those instructions don’t work. see this thread.

Hi Crackpothead,
Could you tell me which version of Animate Pro and Harmony 12 are you using ?
You could find the complete build number when click Help/About.
Could you also send your Animate and Harmony project file as well as your original AI file to us for test ?
Please make zip file and send them to
I was not be able to reproduce this issue.