Is it possible to have Scale tool, Move tool , resize tool in Storyboard Pro 20?

I kinda like that there is specific tool in harmony that don’t have in SB.

The reason be because I only have my laptop and the screen is really small. So I find it really hard to be exactly move the mouse in the corner of the Transform tool to Scale or rotate it.

I also don’t use direct pen tablet so that’s why I can’t be as precise as I want to be. So having the each tool at it own and i cna use shortcut Alt 2,3,4 to access it and do exactly I want it to do without precision is a life saver .

With the Layer Transform Tool active, under Tool Properties Layer, Transform you with see you have the option of disabling Translate, Rotate, and Scale.

You also have the option in the Preferences under the Tools Tab to enable use Rotation Lever with Transformation Tools.