Is it possible to expose all drawings in the timeline in order?

My goal is to use all the drawing in the Column for my Stamp tool, so I would need to display all the drawing Substitute in timeline so I can use it to creat new Stamp tool

You just need to select all the frames in layer of the timeline, select the Stamp Tool and in the Tool Properties next to Presets click New Brush. Once created select the Stamp in the Tool Properties, click on the Show Extended Properties (Arrow next to the preview of the Stamp). In the Stamp Properties dialog at the bottom you can change how the Stamp Cycles.

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Thanks a lot Steenbeck. I think I know how to make a stamp tool now.

But I think I didn’t explain it clearly. My question is that I have a lot of drawing substitutions that hadn’t been yet display in the time line . And I was wonder is there an option that will display all the drawing substitutions on the layer timeline at once, so I don’t need to insert the drawing one by one.

You’re welcome Alexandra!
As to the question, sorry I do not know of a way.

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