Is it possible to adjusting thickness of brush strokes after I've drawn a bajillion frames?


I worked on a scene and later realized the line weight is too thin. I drew everything with the brush tool. I realize it’s not as simple as the pencil tool to simply adjust line thickness. But is there a trick to subtly thicken brush lines? I dont want to, and cant go over every single line again.


One way is to try converting the brush strokes to pencil lines - but it may not look the same.

To adjust line thickness on a Brushstroke, you need to create a center line.

Tools > Extract center line, adjust your line thickness.

If you want to convert it back to Brush, go to Tools > Convert Lines To Brush

Not sure if this might be of assistance:

After working with OpenTOonz for a while now, one feature that stood out is the “pump”: it is possible to select an entire drawing (or just elements of it) and a “pump” icon appears at the right bottom of the selection. Dragging that icon up and down thickens the brush lines relatively, either in a subtle or not so subtle fashion.

That would be an awesome addition to Harmony.

I don’t know how it compares with the OpenToonz feature - from your description it sounds very similar -, but you do have a Pump and Deflate tool on Harmony for pencil lines. When selecting Pencil Editor, you have icons which look a bit like ( ) and ) ( on the Tool Properties window. You can select the whole line or drawing or just the points you want to pump or deflate. You can click the icons or use the sliders to change minimum and maximum sizes.

Luis Canau

Ah, of course, my bad - but still does not work on brushed lines, and works on pencil lines only. The OP will have to convert to pencil lines, then.

You can use Matte Resize node to add subtle thickness to your strokes. Mind the value increase, try small increments at first, say 0.1 .If you want to thicken particular strokes in your drawing, use Color Override to extract the particular brush stroke color and use Matte Resize. Make sure the output appears in front of your original drawing.