is it okay to use really large images?

I have a really massive image I wanted to use as a background. It’s a PNG over 8000 horizontal pixels in 16:9 resolution and something like 30mb. I thought maybe I could use a single image and have the camera zoom in on different parts of it when needed, instead of resizing it to 1920x1080 and/or cropping parts of it for different shots. When I imported it, it was really slow, in fact ToonBoom seemed to be frozen, but once it was imported it seemed to be fine, with only minor a performance hit. But I felt kind of nervous using such a massive image, unsure if it would crash easily or something. So would it be “safe” per se, to use an image this big? Or should I avoid it?

What I do is use a low res version while I’m animating and then:

replace it with the high res version before I export the finished product


export an image sequence with transparent background and assemble image sequence and and background in an editing program like premiere.

I usually do the image sequence/premiere method. It just depends how big your scene is.

Ah cool thanks for the suggestions!