Is it a forum?

I enter in this forum to learn, share and to teach if I can. We talk about a new software(Animate) with many competitors…pay attention!!!

This the third time I post a topic with a simple question about tool properties: “Apply to All Drawings in Layer /Apply to All Visible Drawings/Apply to Line and Colour Art ?” No answers!!!

I think the big reasons the soft what most used for cut-out animation and broadcast is Flash because you can find information anywhere.

thanks for all support.

I think you’ll find the answer in the help index. this is what you are looking for;
The Apply to All Drawings in Layer option is used to perform an action on all the drawings contained in a layer. For example, you could enable the option to paint a section on all the drawings simultaneously. The Apply Tool to All Drawings option must be activated before performing the action and will stay enabled only for the next action.

he Apply to All Visible Drawings option is used to perform an action on all the visible drawings in the Camera view. This option is not available in the Drawing view.

The Apply to Line and Colour Art option can only be enabled in Advance Art mode; it uses the concept of Line and Colour Art layers. Use this option to apply an action such as selecting or resizing a drawing on both Line and Colour Art layers.

Claudioms, I feel your pain. In the early days of Flash, information was hard to come by, as it was still a “new” program. Now that Flash has been around for quite some time, info about it is everywhere.

Animate is just too new for that that kind of omnipresent information exchange. It’s up to us – the early adapters of this great program to learn all we can and to share it as we learn about it.. In other words: We who are posting on this forum now, will be the Animate Gurus of tomorrow.

From my experience, when there’s a new software that’s pretty complicated/powerful/deep, the early adapters (us) will learn the software at their own pace and in their own way.

Me, for instance, I’m learning Animate by doing a project, from Character Design (includes turnArounds), Bg and Prop creation and finally the animation.

So far, I’m still at the Character Design stage. You seem to be at the animating stage, because the “Apply to all Drawings in Layer…” topics seem to apply to that.

While it’s frustrating to have questions that aren’t answered, it’s still up to us, individually, to get the answers we need. Ugo can’t be everywhere at all times :smiley:

This is what I found out about your questions, by doing a search on the Animate User’s Guide:

Apply to all drawings in Layer – this allows you to color in a single color zone across all cells/frames in the layer. Users Guide pg. 161

Apply to All Visible Drawings – This is where you have a single object split across layers (like the top part of a head on one layer, nose on another and the jaw on another) that you can choose to color in the fills for all these layers/parts at once. The User guide, pg. 162 describes this.

Apply to Line and Colour Art – That’s with the “Advanced Art” preference on. I don’t quite get what its benefits are. Seems like it does something cool, but damned if I know what. Again, User’s Guide, pg 138.

The User’s Guide, at this stage of Animate’s introduction, is the source of all things about Animate. We all need to use it as much as possible as an adjunct to this forum. At this point, the forum cannot replace the Users Guide, especially when the staff of Toon Boom’s having the launching events and working double shifts.

I’m not trying to belittle your questions or your frustrations, but you gotta keep in mind that, maybe, no other user really knows the answer to your questions and that we’ve all be conditioned not to do “me too” posts.

If you look for the Animate Getting Started Guide, in Chapter 7 (Creating a Simple Hand-Drawn Animation), there’s some info on Applying to All Drawings in Layer on pg. 80. I’ve been going thought the Getting Started Guide in addition to the Users Guide as I’ve been going though my personal project.

And as far as manuals and getting started guides go, the ones that Toon Boom provide are much better than some others I’ve read, like all the ones about 3D programs, for instance.

On my Mac, I have Preview open and both the UG and Getting Started guides open and when I’m stymied about something in Animate, I go to the Guides and try to find an answer. If I can’t find one, I try to figure it out on my own, then if I’m still not getting it, I post here.

Of course, all this is just my opinion and I may be totally wrong, so if I am or if I’ve offended anyone, I apologize in advance.



Finally…a answer…thanks mike.
I agree. But sometimes its difficult to find a help. Its a new software and evebody learn and test. But sometimes you have to fix or solve a problem and you dont have anyone to help.


I’m glad Mike took the time to supply some good information. For myself, in this particular area, I tend to hold back especially if I’m not 100% sure about something and also because I’d be worried about giving an incomplete or perhaps wrong answer and maybe causing even more confusion.

I guess as we all become more familiar with this new program we’ll be able to help each other better.

I don’t know if I’m necessarily a future guru… but maybe! :slight_smile: