Is Harmony the right product for me?

I have never used a Toon Boom product before and I wonder if it might be a better product than Photoshop for what I am doing. Perhaps someone here could advise. Thank you.
I have shot a fairly long short film (live action 4K). I have a stand in actor that I want to rotoscope over with an animated character. This new character will be in greyscale. I am using a 4K Wacom display tablet. Currently I am using Photoshop with a video timeline and am using layers. Like any animation this is very time consuming and I feel Photoshop might not the best tool for the job even though it is working as intended.

Do existing Harmony users feel that switching over to Harmony from Photoshop might help speed things up a little or perhaps give me more options for animating? It’s a personal project so I don’t have a huge budget but it it’ll shave a month of the animation then it’s probably worth it.

I will need to export the animation as a separate layer so I can color grade the live action separate from the animation so I hope that is an option in the software.

Thank you.


My 2 cents (I am just a hobbyist): Harmony could work for you. You will have to factor in the learning curve you face if switching over. It is a dedicated animation program so it will have advantages or animation related features possibly useful to you depending on if you see things that way and what you prefer and need. You would be able to export separate layers (live and drawn art) to adjust them separately in a video editing program.