Is Harmony meant for Cut-Out Animation or Limited Animation? Or Also Traditional?

Are they design to function on both?

In my opinion, I will skip TBH Essential and go for TBH Advance.
TBH Essentials seem like a downgrade of Animate 3 or Animator Pro3.

Both of course! Harmony allows you to do frame by frame (traditional) animation or play with more advanced technique like the Cut-Out animation. You can even combine both.

The only difference you may find between Essentials, Advanced or Premium is the complexity of the tools available for cut-out. Going from a basic toolset in Essentials, to a very sophisticated toolset in Premium.

Ohh. Okay. Thank you very much for the feedback!

To continue on what Frederic was saying, Harmony is used:

And for more examples of projects done with Harmony, see our ShowCase and Production pages:

hope this helps!