Is Harmony Essentials good enough for cut-out animation?

Hi, I am super new to Toon Boom and haven’t used it for anything. I am a student minoring in Animation and I have a big animation project this semester. I would like to streamline my animation workload and saw the tutorial on doing cut-out animation in Harmony, but I only could afford the Essentials version. I have to do a 45-60 animation and only have 12 weeks to do it, on top of other animation work and my major work, so any tips to expedite this process are appreciated. Thank you.


you can have a look into these courses:

Just sort them by product to find everting available for Harmony Essentials.

This one might particularly answer some of your questions:

I’d say it is better than flash even in essentials due to z-depth shifting alone.

Also you can get full harmony premium for the cost of essentials sine you are a student;

I’m also a student. Even though I’m really not a fan of subscriptions, I decided to bite the bullet and pay ~15€ per month for Harmony Premium. There’s no need to spend 1000+ as a student and if you ask me, 15 is really cheap even in the longer terms.

Where are you seeing that Essentials and Premium are the same price for students?

It shows:
$6 Essentials
$9 Advanced
$17 Premium

I think that he meant that a monthly student license of Harmony Premium has nearly the same price as the monthly professional license of Harmony Essentials.

Yea I meant student price premium is the same as non student essential