Is Harmony compatible with the Huion GT-190?

I’m considering buying a Huion GT-190 but I want to make sure that it works with Harmony.

It has been discussed. I don’t think it works well enough with TB software. You are better off with Wacom.

I see a Craigslist ad selling one because it doesn’t work with Harmony.

“Selling because it does not work properly with Toon Boom Harmony animation software”

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I use a huion gt 185hd. Works perfectly. I recommend it over the 190 to be honest. The hotkey buttons are very handy.

I made a video in toonboom for some1 late the other night about the tablet actually.

just so you can see buttons working and pressure working. Also any input lag or how well(or not well) the accuracy of the stylus is.

Sorry for how dark my room was xD. I recorded as I was going to bed.

I like the screen a fairly low light/brightness level. The colors on the screen are very accurate.

As far as toonboom goes. I have been using harmony premium. Am by no means a toonboom expert, only been using it for a month or so.

But have had no issues with my pen display and toonboom. Hardly need my mouse/keyboard.

Thanks for responding. I’ll have to look into the 185hd.