Is Harmony 14 more stable?


I’m using Harmony 12 Premium, and am on a very tight deadline at the moment.

My main issue with Harmony 12 is that it crashes all the time. The main culprits are Render Preview, Color Wheel, and Node View - whenever I use one or more of these, crashes are likely. The color wheel in particular is almost guaranteed to cause a crash every few times I use it. My PC is well above the recommended specs, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Anyway, I’m wondering whether to upgrade to Harmony 14. I’m hesitant because upgrading is usually a time consuming process. Also, Harmony’s license system has bitten me before - last time I tried switching my license to another computer, the system broke and I was locked out of Harmony on all computers for almost 2 days, until Support helped me fix it.

So, I’m reluctant to upgrade right now, since I can’t afford many disruptions. But if Harmony 14 has had its codebase cleaned up and/or optimised, perhaps it’ll crash less on my PC. Does anyone know whether this is likely? Or is the main difference between the two versions the new features like Layer Syncing etc.?

Thanks in advance for your time

There is usually a cause for the crash that you can get the details for
using the Event Viewer’s “Application” event log.

It’s possible your graphic card driver needs to be updated.

You should contact to help you find the
precise cause and to help you correct the problem.