is bulk scanning possible?

is it possible to bulk scan directly into Toonboom? I can bulk scan separately into Photoshop and import into Toonboom, but I’d like to be able to bulk scan directly into the Exposure sheet and when I try it will only take the first scan
Thanks, Annette


I made the same query before I bought the V3 software.

Batch scanning is a feature on the bigger packages like USAnimation, Opus and maybe Solo but not Toon Boom Studio. I was told it will be considered for TBS when they tackle a new version.

In hindsight, importing through Photoshop has yielded better results for me than scanning straight into TBS anyway.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.



I also want to about bulk scanning of documents. I have lots of documents to scan, but I haven’t known how to scan all?

Bulk scanning directly though Toon Boom Studio is not possible but you can always
scan using the scanner driver (using the automatic document feeder of your bulk
scanner) and import the resulting drawings into the software.