Is Animate Pro 3 Retina-ready?


I just bought Animate Pro 3 and Storyboard Pro. Using a brand new MacBook pro 15" with retina. When launching both apps the UI clearly looks like an old app not supporting retina, all icons look pixeled, text looks pixeled… I can compare with other apps and the Apple bar at the top of the screen and definitely seems as if Animate/Storyboard didn’t support retina… any confirmation or tips on how to solve this? I’d like a retina-ready UI please :slight_smile:

Got this back from ToonBoom support via email…

“We have not yet packaged the software with the higher resolution icons for “retina” display. This will be done in a future version of the software.”

Not supporting retina for a powerhouse tool like ToonBoom’s is a crime :slight_smile: Really, hope this gets prioritized asap.

Thank you!


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