Is Animate Community Small? If so Why?

ok TIme for another usless Corey Topic, but I was wondering (As usual) why does the Animate community seem so…well…small. It’s such a powerful program, probably the photoshop of the animation world but you dont see it talked about at the top cg art sites like And the forumns seems like there are only 4 people, Raider,Alex, and few others. Is the animate community small or am I just imagining things again?

Small and a lot of professionals (who i assume don’t bother with the forum).

If you look at the studio forums they are really active.

It is part of the reason there isn’t many good tutorials on it while on flash there are countless tutorials.

could it be lack of advertising? I mean im suprised at the people who dont even know what animate is at other Animation software forumns like TVpaint, and at this forumn, no one knows about Tvpaint. I mean have you notice the adobe cs5 ads are EVERYWHERE, and when windows 7 first came out ads were EVERYWHERE and still are on tv. So I wonder if animate just doesnt spread because it doesnt have advertisement or true marketing, but instead relies on word of mouth and stumbling upon by people looking for animation software on google or something.

I think a big part of it is that (unfortunately) Adobe products are really easy to pirate and Toon Boom’s aren’t, which means that a whole lot more people are using Adobe’s software. I secretly believe Adobe don’t mind because it’s part of their plan for total world domination (insert smiley with evil grin and rubbing hands together greedily).

might be might be, It does seem like Toon Boom has like exlcusive only users, which i dont think any of software company has, besides big 3d animation studios that make their own software. All i know is I want to see Animate 3 advertising to be pushed a bit more. Make the next update BIG, advertise BIG, and they shall come

I somewhat agree to this because they get people who use it commerically to pay.

However toonboom does have free PLE versions.

Also the companies you compared it too are massive and have huge marketing budgets. I am sure toonboom isn’t even in the same ballpark.

And more people buying it might bring the prices down a teensy bit… (in my perfect world)

Idealy, yes, but u know what? They started off small too. No one starts off as a big company.

Yeah, that would be pretty sweeet. Maybe if they had more contest and advertised those contest on popular art social sites it would draw more people. It’s a prooven market strategy entrepreneurs use and it would probably do wonders for an established business like toon boom as far as drawing in more customers :smiley:

It’s funny you say that because entering a comp is how I got into Animate Pro AND how I was able to afford it when I got a little bit of prize money. I think more comps are a great idea and really boosts TBs profile

Personally I think they need to find a way to render with the ple with a less noticeable watermark (but still enougth to protect) so people can make videos. The current watermark makes it too bad too watch.

I also think the work of the people making tutorials will help toonboom. AP making tutorials is a godsend for toonboom.

Interesting topic.

I think one of the things we have to keep in mind is that Animate is still a baby. Flash has had such a tight grip in this field for so long, people are just so used to it.

That and the fact is so easy to learn, it grows on you fast, and creates a bond that is hard to break. Add the fact that there are so many popular animators using it, and creating some great work with it, it almost feels like blasphemy to even think about trying something new. That is why Toonboom urges everyone to put up any work they’ve done with Animate.

I personally campaign for toonboom on some flash forums when I see users of flash posting there wishlist. I always say toonboom Animate has that. I got into a liittle hot water when I posted that you don’t have to buy a book to know the answer to how to cheat in flash, easy Toonboom Animate.

I have convinced quite a few to atleast try the ple editions, and it is amazing how almost 70 % give up on it within hours because it is not flash or as easy to learn. I’d say the other 30% end up finding out that they have poor graphics cards or figure Animate is buggy. Flash will work with any graphics card as long as you have a gig or so of ram it will work.

I think in time the Animate community will grow, specially with people like cartoon network and Nelvana, artist like Adam phillips, and even Mr. flash guru Chris Georgenes himself using it. It’s going to take time, it can’t happen overnight.

On a final note, A lot of people figure that cutout style cartoons on tv like grossology, where done in flash. They don’t realize that Animate is more than capable of producing this type of style. After all it is flash style animation. right?

At this stage is up to us, to spread the word, and create sites like coldhardAnimate.

I agree with this post, as well as the piracy posts. If I’m a flegling animator I’ll probably want something free. This gives me the option of a full version of Flash CS4 or the Animate PLE which has a siesure inducing water mark.

Toonboom has a unspeakably better product, but if I’m working on a demo reel at home. I can’t send a disk filled with PLE Toonboom work. Nobody would watch it.They would trhow it out. I actually know one girl who finished her demo reel on the PLE took screenshots of every single frame and pasted them into a photo editor… or I could get free flash, make a demo reel, and get a job…

Most tutorials in flash are newgrounds kids who stole their flash. nobody has animate pro- because few hobbiests are willing to pay 2000$.

Toonboom will take over eventually because its better, but it might take 15-20 years currently, but if it were more easily accessible it could blow up in 3-5