Is Adobe Animate viable to animators trying to get their start

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent around 200dolars for the subscription and I’d like to know if it’s better or worse than other programs, and if a beginning animator should use it or not.

Toon boom advanced is better in almost every way but adobe animate is cheaper. Unfortunatley free programs are very limited and the end products look like early 2000’s newgrounds cartoons. A short answer in my opinion would be “yes” adobe animate viable to new animatore. Also there are lots of adobe animate tutorials on youtube to help you out.

I use/d Adobe Animate as first animation programm, and yes, it’s a good one with lots of features and support, not to forget the cloud compatipility that allows you to import and export stuff very easily. (background form photoshop, effects in after effect etc)

If you should use it or not depends on what you want from it though, since it’s aimed at 3D or 2D puppet animation pretty much only.
Means, that if you want to freehand animate traditionally, you’re not gonna get very far since it has only one brush (with some limited pattern options) no smudge tool, and no options for multipliying or other layer effects besides opacity etc.
So most things you want to animate has to be drawn before exporting it into animate.
I also want to point out that it can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner since you won’t find most options right away, for example you need to alt click on the show/hide layer icon for opacity, so it’s not very intuitive.

All in all it’s perfect for 3D/ 2D puppet animators who know what you need/ can expect in an animation programm, it’s not that good for beginners and nothing for traditional 2D animators, so it’s up to you.

just my own experiences though

I work in a studio that exclusively uses Animate for their shows.

I use Storyboard pro to work on, as I have found animate to be to burdensome to work with.