Is 22 play function janky?

I’m using 22, and my playback function has many issues. It will always glitch eventually, stop and go, many times putting the audio/visual out of sync. Sometimes it goes for a little, still glitching, then restarts from the position I started. Sometimes it will jump immediately to the last frame, once this happens it’ll be the same until you restart the program.
Anyone else experiencing this on 22 as well?
Not seein anything on the forums about it, getn lonely out here, misery loves company.


I’ve heard of others running into playback issues, but still it might be best to report it to support.


I’m running into the same issue specifically on Windows. It’ll pause, skip a few frames, then go way out of sync with the sound. Really bad when you’re doing a lot of lip sync! I contacted support, hopefully it’s a bug that gets fixed soon.


The heavier the scene the bigger the performence requirement for Harmony to display the frames in real time.

It often helps to play the animation once with the described problems of desynchronisation in order to load the frames into the temporary memory.
When you play it a second time it often gets stable and synchronised again.

When working on lip sync you could display the mouth layer(s) in Solo mode.

I just went through a 4 day wait just to upgrade to 22 and I am also getting a pause in the loop playback.

Harmony 22 (22.0.0) has been updated to 22.0.1 with a fix.

  • [Windows] Playback can get stuck when Loop and Sound are enabled. HAR-8808
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Hey, still any fix on this? Im dying here with this error, sometimes it plays 5 frames for a while and then starts or just plays until it freezes and I have to close and start harmony again… I’m using harmony 22.0.1, this also happens when I’m trying to move in the timeline

Have you updated to the latest 22.0.1 build 19338 and tested it out?

I had to go back to harmony 11 to keep working, but I was using that version of harmony 22.0.1 build 19338 and having massive bugs all the time, it didnt auto save anything and had the playback error.

Harmony 22.0.1 build 19338 was made available today? You can find out your version/build under Help and About. If you have tested it out you should report your issues to support.