Iris Out


I’d like to create an iris out effect. Is this possible in Animate or should i use video software like Premiere for that? If it is possible, how?


just put a layer a top, attach it to the camera and animate to the iris effect you want.

It is really easy to do this in Animate. I have been building up a library of transitions using Color-Cards and animated Masks.

It works like this. The Color-Card can be moved forward and backward on the Z axis. So, you move it forward until it obscures your scene. Then you drop this in a Mask. Create a drawing layer and drop it into the Mask’s mask. Animate the circle or whatever shape and this will reveal the scene.

I made a quick video tutorial that hopefully explains it better:


I’ve chosen Mark’s sollution, works great!
Problem solved :slight_smile:

btw, that tutorial should be in the list with community tutorials!

Cool, glad it worked for you!

Also, you can take it further by adding a blur so that the mask isn’t so sharp. And remember you can animate the color values of the Color-Card to add an extra touch.