Iris Cutter in Toon Boom Advanced


I just purchased Toon Boom Harmony Advanced and got stuck on one and only thing that makes me crazy. I need to use cutter on the iris in the eye so it stays only in the eye.
On the internet I found only one tutorial and I did it according to it but it went like this (I’ve tried to put it out of every group or in the iris group but it did not worked). Only way the cutter worked was when it was attached on the iris layet but then it moved with iris.

Tutorial is here

Is there any chance I did some dumb mistake you can easily find. Or different tutorial you know about? I really miss node system from trial version of Premium but I don’t want to trow away my Advanced licence just because this one issue.


Try making a copy of the layer to use for the cutter and drag the copy outside your group to drop it on the cutter.