iPad Version

are you - the ToonBoom Company - working on a version for the iPad? This would be my number one request, since I am travelling a lot. There are some storyboarding / animatic apps available, but they are lacking a nice timeline, camera animation and sufficient export functions.
I am looking forward to an answer!

great!! thanks for your answer!


et maintenant, vous avez des prévisions pour une version IPAD de TBSpro . ça serai top…


Just buy a windows tablet, TB products work perfectly , have done for years with pressure sensitivity too, something your ipad doesn’t even pretend to have .

We are definitely working on doing something for the iPad. Because Storyboard Pro is a very complex software, though, we have a challenge on how to make this work on a device that’s still not a very high-powered device. We are investigating whether we can bring some functionality to the iPad, and then have this plug back in to the full version at home.

I can’t promise anything, but we are working very hard on this initiative.


Hey folks,

Now that it’s 10 years later, and the ipad is a truly robust machine capable of high quality digital sculpting and more, is the release of an ipad version imminent? I REALLY hope so! :grinning: