iPad Pro

Hello, does anyone use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to draw in to Harmony; vs Wacom tablet?
Not sure if it’s possible?

You can use Astropad. I took some screenshots but apparently I cannot upload or link images to this forum. You can get pretty much the drawing canvas plus the side for brush and color swatch on the iPad Pro screen. Astropad has two versions. The standard which is 29 for the application and a Pro version which is an 79/year subscription. I have the 29 version. ( It was much cheaper when I got it. It has gone up in price since then.)

Hi rimcrazyph, thanks for the recommendation. I was thinking why buy a Wacom if iPad Pro can do
The same thing, using it only as the drawing surface and computer screen for the work area.

Just so you know, I don’t currently use this but use an Intuos Pro tablet but I wanted to show it can work. I don’t honestly know if pressure and angle information is passed on and works for drawing. Myself, down the road I’d like to get a Cintiq but that will have to wait just a bit.

Pressure sensitivity works but angle information does not. I never use that on my Intuos anyway though.