Ipad Pro

Will ToonBoom Harmony be available for the new Apple Ipad Pro?

Could you explain in more detail what exactly happened to you when you’re using Astropad with iPad?
I’m also curious about this software.
I think it would be better if I could use iPad or iPad pro than using Wacom Intros Pro which I’m currently using with Toon Boom Harmony.
Surprisingly, Toon Boom Harmony was developed well in harmony with Mac OS X: it does not provide iCloud, split screen and menu and its way of handling
looks like an alien on Mac OS X. I am sure that engineers in Toon Boom is using C/C++ language(not Swift or ObjC) to port simultaneously both Windows and Mac OS X.
Toon Boom Harmony looks more resembling to plain Windows software, not supporting amazing iCloud, Split screen, and tons of others features Mac OS X provides.

****> I Finally found this link which is the answer to my question above:

I decided to buy iPad Pro with Apple pencil rather than Wacom Cintiq!

No. IOS is a cellphone OS,
just get a Surface Pro 4 :wink:

I am planning to get one for christmas yeeeeeeeeeee toon boom harmony premium will fly!!

Curious, is it because the Apple Pencil lacks any hover support for the desktop cursor? I was looking into using the AstroPad app to mirror Harmony and this was my main concern.

I considered getting the Surface Pro 4, but after demoing a unit I personally felt like N-Trig technology is not meant for drawing as the digitizer could not precisely keep up with any slow and deliberate line strokes.

If the next iteration of Apple’s stylus features hover tracking, it could be a viable alternative as a Cintiq-like device. As it stands it already surpasses Wacom’s polling rate and has none of the parallax or edge accuracy issues that you normally see in EMR devices.

I Finally found this link which is the answer to my question above:

I decided to buy iPad Pro with Apple pencil rather than Wacom Cintiq!

Hi cgason, I understood you’re question don’t worry. It wasn’t a compatibility question about the current version of Harmony and the new iPad Pro, it was about future plans to create a software that would be made for the larger screened iPad with the Apple Pencil (I’m assuming here, correct me if I’m wrong). I had the same question the moment I saw the Apple conference when they introduce the Apple Pencil.

Hopefully we can get a more insightful response from someone at Toon Boom. We are fans of your software and I would think you would want to encourage our enthusiasm.

Exactly sinbadN_8432.
iPad Pro would be a great tool to use together with the Apple Pencil for Toon Boom Harmony. I thought about it the same time I watched the Apple conference.
And my question was aimed for someone who knows at Toon Boom.

Unfortunately, the Ipad Pro won’t have the correct operating system on it.

The new Ipad Pro will run on the new IOS version 9. Harmony requires MacOS 10.

Ipad Pro reference:

I know Ipad Pro is running iOS 9 that’s why I asked if Harmony will be available for Ipad Pro.

Well, I’m sorry but that is completely out of the question. Never!


Its a way to use an iPad as a poor-man’s cintiq.

I recommend a bigger iPad. My mini doesn’t work great (just too small to really draw on). And a good bluetooth pen.

So if you have a Mac AND an iPad AND a stylus AND this relatively expensive app - it’s surprisingly good.

ok. your loss.

lukehaddock - thanks for this tip!

or you can just get a surface pro and use harmony on the go now.

Has anyone succeeded using Storyboard Pro with the Ipad Pro? thanks!

No experience to attest to with Storyboard Pro but I would be surprised if it did not work when it works with Harmony.

I believe the user who first recommended the iPad here used both SB and H.

People mention the hover crosshair absent in the iPad/AstroPad setup compared with a Cintiq but if you are not used to it you are not crippled by it not being present. The pen tip can be held so close to the iPad screen before applying pressure it really is not a necessity and is only an option that I might choose to turn off anyway, it is not that important.

Anyway I am very happy with the iPad Pro used as an alternative to a Cintiq.

Advantages: Cooler, smaller and elegant footprint, more versatile (subjective).

BTW, running either on the iPad alone does not sound practical. Harmony’s interface is so robust you need a large monitor, if not two or three however used in conjunction and as a tablet it is definitely beneficial.

I will it be applicable for any OS. As this one doesnt have warranty at all.

No iOS is actually OSX with a difrent GUI.

Thank you, o0Ampy0o! That is very helpful. The old Cintiqs are so bulky, heavy and I really dislike them not being wireless ( except the Companion one) … there is no sign of new models coming to the market anytime soon either. I would love to see available a larger screen device but with a wireless and lighter design. The ipad Pro looks better than the Companion Cintiq for the same screen size.

I just select the area of the Drawing/Camera view to display on the iPad. It is only for drawing. I don’t need any access to the interface except the tool bar and main menu bar. I use the iPad in conjunction with two 23" Apple Cinema Displays. On the 12" iPad Pro the size is comparable to the size of that area as it is projected by the 23" ACD except the ACD also has room for the full workspace interface/windows. Of course I have customized a workspace for two screens and if I need to I have a separate saved workspace in which I have devoted one ACD to the the Drawing/Camera view but I only use the enlarged version when I need to. Most of the time the two displays are used at more or less “standard scaling” so I can keep more tool menus displayed and not to have anything enlarged.

So, my point is that the 12" iPad Pro is large enough because you only use it to display the Drawing View window and its tools.