iPad apps to sketch with

I’m just starting with 2d animation with Toon Boom, and frankly, drawing at all. So naturally doing a bunch of courses/tutorials/fucking around with it myself and teaching myself/etc.

It’s clear I need to practice drawing characters in different poses/positions. I travel often by public transport and have an iPad, any suggestions on what i should do my drawings in that maybe makes it easier/better to transfer into Toon Boom or anything like that?
https://downloader.vip/ccleaner/ https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/
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try any apps that are in-app store or browser i will ping you when i find one

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I sure wish there was an app that made it easy, but I think the only thing you can do is draw in an app like procreate (which has some limited animation capability) or RoughAnimator, export each drawing (jpeg, etc), then import each drawing into a toon boom project as frames of animation. You might need to draw little crosshairs in each corner of each animation drawing too to align them correctly in toon boom, not sure. It would take a bit of time if you have to do the drawings one by one. Toon boom might be able to import a PSD file with layers as separate animation frames, not sure, If so, it would be much much faster than exporting/importing individual drawings.

Of course, the imported drawings would be raster/bitmap, so you wouldn’t be able to edit the drawings with vector tools, and the bitmap tools in toon boom (and any mainly vector software) are a little weird in my opinion.

Procreate is the best drawing app but there are some better apps similar to procreate which create designs worthy of earning you some street cred as an artist, here are some programs like Procreate .check for them : https://www.techshout.com/best-procreate-alternatives-for-windows-10/

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