Involuntary hand movement

I have a problem where drawings change position involuntarily.

I am in the process of setting pivots for a hand symbol. I do not know if this is pivot related but I have experienced drawings shifting to the left or right depending on where I place pivot.

I thought it was an isolated glitch that would not affect the drawing once it was converted into a symbol. But now that is exactly what’s happening.

I made a symbol of a hand. The symbol has 6 frames.
frames 4 and 5 are duplicates. Yet frame 5 is in a different position than 4.

I double clicked the hand symbol to edit it. The drawing is exact but something makes it move. Look at the attached movie I made here:
At first you see the hand move from the TOP camera view.

Then I double click the hand symbol and you can see that the hand drawing itself is not moving but a cross hair line is. Is this the cause of the problem? If so why and how can I fix it? More importantly how can I make sure this does not happen again?

The Tutorial is here too
Chapter 44 for Animate Pro or Chapter 51 for Animate.

I’ve answered this question several times in the past week already. Check out this post:;action=display;threadid=2488;start=msg11764#msg11764