Invisible Imported Images

Hello, dear staff of Toon Boom support forums! I’m quite new to Toonboom (I have Toon Boom Studio 4.5), and I’ve run into a couple problems on my second project with the software… First of all, I imported a few images into Toonboom to use as frames. These images (one .psd, a few .jpg), were all working perfectly in every view I used in the software, and they worked perfectly when I previewed the animation. I save the movie, go to bed, and the next day, a problem arises. When I open up the file, all imported images are invisible. They are the only images during the frames they are shown, but they are completely invisible. I can still drag them around, showing that there are still objects there, but I can’t see them.I’ve even tried deleting the frames and reimporting them, but it only imports seemingly blank frames. It’s driving me nuts, yo.I also have another problem, though it’s probably much simpler. I drew a background picture all on one frame, and I’ve tried drawing on a frame well above the background, but it just disappears below the background… And I don’t know whyhyhyhyhy!Thanks for the help, if you so choose to provide it.

Oh… I’m really sorry! I didn’t realize how the forums worked, and I accidentally posted this in the wrong category. I’m actually using Toon Boom Studio, not Storyboard… Thanks for your time, and sorry again!

The problem ended up being fixed by moving the entire file off of an external hard drive and onto the main drive… strange, but I’ll take it. Thanks again!

You didn’t open the file in a newer version of Storyboard, save it, then go back to this one, did you?

Other than that, what can I think of… I am not quite sure. I think you should email

Which version of Storyboard Pro are you using? If you’re using Storyboard Pro 3D, then the order of the elements in your Top View will override the layer order.