Invisible bmps in OpenGl and Perspective

I’m working in Animate Pro2 on a fairly new iMac. My bmps aren’t showing up in the OpenGl and Perspective Views. They render fine though. Can you think of any reasons for why this is happening?

Thank you!

OK, I figured it out. I had the “Real Time Anti-Alisaing” option unchecked in the Open GL preferences.

Hum! You should be able to see them without the Real-time anti-aliasing on. When you put the RTAA it does small renders all the time you draw which will slow down playback, drawing, etc.

For my vector drawings that’s true. But not for my pngs and psds. Strange.

Do you import and Color vectorize or just as plain bitmap images?
What graphic card do you have? How much memory on the card?

Because it sounds like a display problem. Do you import many bitmaps and at what resolution are they?

It looks like I just needed to restart. All seems right again. I’m really embarrassed that I forgot to just try restarting… :-\