Invert Frames? (reverse animation) - [tb studio 6.0]


Is there any way to select a couple of frames and then invert them?

For example i have drawn some frames of an eye opening up. now i want it to close again.

Right now i have to copy and paste every single frame in reverse order.

As this may not that big extra work for little frame actions like eye closing, it comes more a hassle if 40+ of frames need to be reversed.

In Flash there is a simple function: select frames->right-click->invert frames.

Is ToonBoomStudio missing this?

Hi goliath

1.You can try the advanced cycle feature.
Place the cursor on the frame where you want to insert the cycle.
Rightclick and choose Advanced Cycle. Decide first and last frame of the cycle bye draging the two sliders. Set a checkmark for forward reverse and Press OK. ( If you work on two’s, set Expose Each Drawing For to 2)

2.You can also select a range of frames in the timeline to copy/paste them.

Best regards