Inverse Kinematics on Advanced 16

Hello! I was wondering how can I do inverse kinematics on toon boom advanced 16, when I search in the forums, I just find out how to do it on old versions of toon boom that has a tool mine doesn’t have.

In case advanced doesn’t have a tool like this, how do people do cut out when character walks and such?

Thanks for your attention

Hello Albaharu,

Inverse Kinematics are still present in Harmony 16 Premium, and you can find the documentation regarding it here:

If the Inverse Kinematics tool is not visible in Harmony 16 Advanced, it is likely a Premium-only feature. However, if you would like help with your cut out animation, I highly suggest you join our Community Discord server by following this link:

We have many experienced animators on our Discord that can help you out with this!