Inverse Kinematics Issue

I’m having problems at times with the Inverse Kinematics tool coming out like this:

and wondering what is happening? because I thought I placed my pivot points in the right spots on each element of this simple rig. Was just doing a lesson. Sometimes the bone structure comes out fine and other times like this. I don’t understand why this is happening?

Thanks for the help once again!


The main pivot is at its default position at center Stage. If I lock the upper thigh pivot and that main pivot the leg seems to move okay. I can’t seem to delete or change the central pivot. I want to be able to change its position and bring the pivots in line with the leg movement.

Thanks Lilly! I thought that it might be that and I’ll try the rotation tool too.

I’m so grateful to all of you for the help I’ve been receiving. It is really paying off.


Indeed that pivot point is the pivot for the Peg layer.

With your peg layer selected, if you use your Rotate Tool, from your Advanced Animation toolbar, then you can click on the pivot in the centre of the rotate tool and move it. This is your permanent pivot for your peg.


Great! Always glad to be of help.