Inverse Kinematics and bone deformer combining

Hi, I’m trying to make a rig where arms, legs and feet use bone or curve deformers but like to be able to use inverse kinematics. Especially to use the nails system when animating a walk cycle for example.

When using forward kinematics the joints of upperarm/lowerarm blend nicely in each other. (see attachment-1)
But with inverse kinematics I can only do cut-out style where the joints break. (see attachment-2)
I tried using the glue node but didn’t get a very good result.

Also, when using IK to pose the character, the bones don’t follow, so switching back to FK the deform-rig has become useless…(see attachment-3)

Is there no way of using both systems at the same time?

Thanks in advance

IK currently doesn’t work when using deformation tools.

Thanks rkriz,

Too bad, I’ll find another solution… like creating duplicate legs, one rigged top down the other inverse

Hi Pieter,

your mentioned method is the current way it works. And it works quite well as deformers switch with the image swap.

Best regards