Hi Buddies! im back again. still a beginner after an entire year! waaaaa! waaaaa!
now i finally get a wacom cintiq 22HD and connect it to my Mac Book Pro, and i launch my toon boon harmony premium and i can view on both devices and i smile like a pro.
later in the day, i launch harmony again and it tells me “INVALID PROJECT DIRECTORY” (screen shot attached)
what can i do folks ? sigh. thanks in advance.

hi Gene, thanks for your reply.
i have never changed the location section of my file creation screen. i’ve never paid attention to it either, probably cos i’m not sure what it entirely means. hence, i cannot also tell if a folder that no longer exists - or a read only folder is selected. i think the selection has always been the same right from the first time i ever installed this lovely software.
meanwhile, i also uninstalled harmony and then re-installed it. but the problem persisted.
hope i can get some help. thanks.

Unfortunately the folder location is hidden by the error message in your screenshot.
Why don’t you click the “Browse…” button and select your Desktop or your Documents
folder to create projects in, that should work.

haloooooooooo everyone!
it finally worked. this is my best new year present ever! i clicked on "browse"as you said, and i dunno what i selected, but after several selections, it worked. lol. sigh.
my mac is really weird, trust me. gonna format it now.
thanks everyone, and thanks TOON BOOM TEAM. you guys rock.
now, i can finally start my adventure into the toon boom world. but please, expect more questions. lol.


In the location section of your file creation screen, do you have selected a folder that no longer exists or a folder that is read only?