Invalid Flash Movie

Houdy, I am doing it hard with the trial version of TBS but I got stuck with something.
I tried to import a flash movie made in Moho and then any other flash movies, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t import almost any swf file. Then I did it with a vector rander of Maya and I suceed, but anyway I keep on having troubles with the importing swf files.

When I do it, it appears a sign that says “Invalid Flash Movie.” what then? is it a problem of the trial version, of my hundreds of flash files or what!

Iwould appreciate a fast answer before my trial period ends up!

I have a few problems but mostly because the files are protected. Unprotected ones though come through OK on the full version. Of course, some of the objects are kind of wonky but that could be due to the creation in Flash as opposed to TBS.