Invalid file?

I’m sorry if this seems like spam(Because I’m not sure whether or not this question has been asked, and sadly I don’t have enough time to search through so many threads to find it)

I was working on my part, an animation for a friend’s m.a.p.(I saved frequently) for 2 days now, yesterday I saved it and my computer went into sleep mode, so I let it be because I didn’t think anything wrong would happen. When I came back home today to finish the animation, it said the file was ‘invalid’? The due date is tomorrow and it’s urgent that I get this done somehow, 2 very important thing’s were on that file and with the stressful schedule I’ve been having this week, I don’t think I’ll have enough time to re-do it. Another thing is, when i came back home, I saw that my computer was closed(by someone in the family i guess?)

I think that might’ve caused the file to become “invalid” Could someone please tell me how to fix this?? I would very much appreciate it!!

I’m not sure if your project can be fixed because if it wasn’t saved or
if the project was in mid save when the computer rebooted or was
shut down - it’s surely corrupted.

You may however recover some drawings of the project by going inside
the project’s elements folder and importing the drawings you find into
a new project (provided that the drawings themselves have not also
become corrupted).