Intuos 3 still not working with Toon Boom

I have an Intuos 3 tablet that will not let me move objects or draw in Toon Boom. I uninstalled the driver and restarted and installed the driver again, but it is still not working. Before I reinstalled the driver I checked to see if the tablet (in that weird slow tracking mode when there is no driver) would work with the program, and it did! But it’s inconvenient to have to uninstall the driver and install it back anytime I want to use Toon Boom. How do I fix this, it’s driving me crazy? ???


Which version of the drivers are you using with the tablet? It may simply be that the preference file for the tablet is somehow corrupted and it might not have been wiped when uninstalling the drivers. If you are on windows you may want to try to go to the Preference Utility File application found in the start menu and remove preferences for all users.

Take note the software need to be close when you do that.

Hope this helps.

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I have an Intuos3 that works perfectly on Mac OSX, and WIndows XP, and Windows 7.

After you have installed the Wacom software, you should be able to set/configure the settings of all the buttons on the tablet, and pen… have you done that? Also what OS are you using?