Hi I’ve just moved on from using Flash and I have several questions on using this new software. The keyframe/timeline interface is very confusing to me.

How do you duplicate a frame like you would in flash when pressing f6?
And how do you extend a frame into 2 frames (or more) from 1 like in flash when pressing f5?
What happens when you turn a cell into a keyframe?
How do you change the keyboard shortcuts?

I’m considering both Studio 8 and Pro 2 to use for my next project but am unsure which one to use. Could anyone help me out? Which is more adaptable for a frame be frame flash animator? I also prefer one with the most brush features such as opacity or softness but I haven’t found any features so far. I don’t my project to have a lot of solid colouring.

I do not specifically know answers for your questions but I do think you should highlight your questions in some other active thread in the forum to get solutions. Best of luck! :slight_smile: