Introduction (to self and work)

Hello everyone,

As you can see, I am a NEWBIE here. I landed here by a stroke of faith! (or whatever it might be called) The story is as follows:

I’ve been working on this project for over one year (Sergio De La Cruz of Toon Boom knows about it) Not being in the position to afford Harmony which would have been the best solution, I was tinkering an old Software of which has gotten a new name since some years back thus making me probably about the only person who still worked with the software under the old name.

Well, as usual on such projects, I was backing up my files “correctly” against the inevitable hard drive crash that travels around looking for people with VERY important stuff going. Well, the crash came knocking on my door 4 weeks ago. Ever so merry, I laughed in its face and pulled out my Backups but lo and behold, it was EMPTY. A faulty script in my Robo Copy was backing up the WRONG drive!!!

It is the next worst thing to the death of a parent, child spouse or loved one. Having seen the PIT of the earth and having no money left for the production (NO I did not insure the project…yet) I decided to see it as a SIGN. So tried to keep calm…change directions and start all over again.

So here am I in a new relationship…with Toon Boom Animate Pro, putting in more than 13 CRAZY hours every day.
Meet my characters through the link below.
No animations yet…just a camera movement. Any kind of comments are very much welcome.


Very professional looking! Sorry to hear about the loss of your work! That’s awful! Do you backup to a second drive or to some online site? Either would be good. I have a second drive on my machine and do daily backups of new/modified files and a weekly mirror backup of all my files. So far I’ve had to problems.

But please take heart as you proceed! You work is very good!

Thanks a lot Zeb for your kind words.
I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

Well, I do have two machines but was not backing them up consequentially because I was totally relying on the backup on my server which had never given me problems until now.

So now I have started backing up on two machines, two external disks and the server which I have also cloned to another location. (paranoia…lol)

I was very sceptical about online backup systems which are not in my full control as admin, thus I never used any of those.

My current method is very safe except that it is a lot of work to sync them manually every evening, or whenever I decide to take a long break but as mentioned, I have turned it into a positive thing and done a complete restructuring…which was what brought me to Toon Boom and I must say that I am AWED!
The only disadvantage is that I no more have enough funds to engage other people to finish the project. I have now employed the option of offering people rights on the film (because I am convinced it will turn out well, especially as ARTE is involved) but so far, no one has shown interest in that.

I do undertsand of course that people have bills to pay etc, but in my school years, we all jumped for such opportunities.

Well, watching it and working so hard to see how far I get. My delivery date (with no extension) is June 2013 and I have only just finished animating 1 minute in 4 days…yet to be cleaned.

So, if you -or any other person here- have tips on anybody (students, e-Internists, or even professionals whom I could discuss with I could use as much in-betweeners, cleaners, cororists and shadow-artsist as I can lay hands on.

My regards from Berlin

Hi Zeb,
I had posted in the forum “Share your Work” but as you have always been helpful in the past, I thought i should give you the link to my first finished work in Toon Boom. It is a 6 minutes music video, done in a crazy 4 weeks (16hrs daily) marathon. It was launched yesterday through live streamings on justinTV, Ustream, Facebook streamer and a vimeo opening.
Here is the Vimeo link.

Your feedback is appreciated
Should you have problems with the Vimeo link (as it seems vimeo has a hitch at the moment) you can view it on my facebook page. It should be the uppermost post there

Thank you

Very nice, Ebele! It’s a bit choppy and jumpy throughout, I would assume it’s due to not having enough inbetweens, but it almost adds to the overall “look” of the animation. I like the style. Are you using Sketchup for the backgrounds? Kinda looks like it. I like where the groups of girls are dancing and the camera moves around–very effective. On the fight scene near the end between the main guy and the politician’s bodyguard, it seems odd that they do a bunch of flips before getting into the fight, doesn’t make any sense.

That looks fantastic - nicely done! The design is particularly eye-catching, both character and bg. If I could give any advice (and it’s not anything you should worry about changing, just for next time) it would be in timing the action a few frames ahead of the beat during the dances. If you hit those hold poses 4 frames or so ahead of the beat it would look more like it’s hitting solidly on than if you time it exactly to it. It’s just how our imperfect eyes are able to perceive things. Once again, great job - can’t wait to see what you do next!!