interpretive dance

is it cut animation?
amazing work , great animation , love it !

If you observe the extensive use of squash and stretch technique used in this animation, that is a tip off that it is most likely not cut-out technique. Squash and stretch is very difficult to apply in cut-out work, not impossible, but not as frequently applied as in directly hand drawn work. -JK

Hi Awais,

There was actually some reuse in that project when the character was still but some piece were moving but that’s pretty much it.

The creator of the movie might actually comment the work since he post here from time to time.

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thanks JK & Ugo for ur feedback ,
@ JK why Squash and stretch is so difficult in cutout animation technique i think we have some tools in studio and solo which can do this and also in the same time we can apply swapping of different body elements of character .