Interpolation problem - Ugo, Please Help!

Hello everyone,

I have a problem that I am asking for assistance with; I’m sure there is probably an easy solution but I have not been able to figure it yet; spent the entire day yesterday trying to figure it out to no avail.

I have a symbol that has multiple views/drawings in it and when I substitute drawings in the timeline, there are no in-between drawings being generated between the original drawing and the substituted drawing. For example, I have drawing #1 of the symbol on frame 1, and on frame 10 I have substituted drawing # 1 with drawing #2. On frame 20 I have substituted drawing # 2 with drawing # 3, etc, up through 120 frames. From everything I’ve read, Animate can/will create the in-between drawings on frames 2-9, 11-19, 21-29, etc. However, they are not there; I do not see any when scrubbing through the timeline, or after rendering and play. To further validate that they are not present, there are no smooth transitions between my drawings when in play.

I’ve done everything that I can determine that is correct; I’ve inserted keyframes and deleted keyframes, made sure that I was in animate mode and not in animate mode, set motion constraints, and set stop-motion constaints, etc, but I just can’t get it to build the in-between drawings. I’ve researched the user manual and did everything according to instruction, and I’ve studied over video tutorials looking for the solution and it looks like I am doing everything the correct way.

Any suggestions on what I am not doing correctly?

Thanks all in advance for your assistance with this.



Hi Jeff
Animate will morph between drawings but I doubt this is what you need. You prob need to transform the different parts of animation. eg for an arm to bend smoothly you need to animate the forearm drawing rotating at the elbow of the upper arm drawing using the transform mode. It is all in the documentation. Just take a few hours to study the docs and all will become clear, it really is worth taking the time out.

Thanks for the input frameJockey, but I don’t think it addresses the problem that I am having. I do understand the concepts of the morphing feature and worked through that successfully with the kick-start tutorials, and I am familiar with applying the rotate function in the transform mode.

What I am trying to do is the action described on page 589 of the Animate User Guide, “Animating Using Computer Generated Interpolation”; specifically having Animate create the in-betweens. As originally described, I have a symbol that has a body part in one position as that symbol’s first drawing. The 2nd drawing in that symbol is the same body part but in a slightly different position. If I have the 1st drawing of that symbol on frame #1, and I have the 2nd drawing of that symbol on frame # 10, how do I get the software to create the in-betweens for frames 2-9? This is the problem that I am having… I have studied the documentaion but haven’t figured it out…

Hi Jeff
Are you sure there is an arrow after the first keyframe ? this signifies the fact it is a motion keyframe and that you wish Animate to do the interpolation for you. If it has not got an arrow (ie it is a stop motion keyframe) then you have to add frames inbetween. Sorry if you have already grasped this but that is the only thing I can think of.

Hi frameJockey,

Yes, I have the arrow afterwards indicating the motion keyframe.

FYI, prior to Animate I worked for a couple of months in Studio and was able to develop/see the in-betweens with no problem… it is a beautiful feature of the software, but I am stumped on getting it to work in Animate.

Hi, I came across the issue when i first started to use Toon Boom (Studio), in fact that was one of the things i hated. But needless to say, I understand it quiet a bit now(using Animate). I dont think what you want to accomplish can be done(automatically), sad to say. In order to get a smooth transition with irregular shape/drawing changes, you must create the in-between drawings yourself, then swap out each one gradually(Frame by Frame animation). of course you need not draw 12 drawings to tween over twelve frames, about six drawings will create the illusion of smooth movement just fine.

Aside from this the only automated option is to try morphing, doubt that will give you what you want, and it’s also more time consuming(yeah really, no kidding).

It may sound like a lot a work but it gives you so much more control, and a really professional finish to your animation.

Hope I helped, tried to the best of my knowledge.


You should skim through a brief history of animation and techniques(if you haven’t already), it will give you so much more understanding, and appreciation for how easy Toon Boom makes the process for us. :wink:


Can you share your thoughts/insight on this problem?

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Sorry been busy lately so did not manage to get to the forum as much as I wanted. I am not entirely sure I understand what you are try to go from and to. If possible, could you provide us screenshot of the 2 keyframes that your want to interpolate between along with the timeline structure/network so we can define what could be done there?

Thank you,


Thanks Ugo. I emailed the screen shots to you.

Again, thanks for your help with this!



From what I could see in your screenshots, you want to be able to do inbetweens from one drawing to another. This being said from what I can see they do not actually move in location so the usage of keyframes here will not be able to do much. To do normal keyframe animation you would need to create the new drawing shape using the transform tools to get the new shape. Using cell swapping will bring in a new drawing although there won’t be any transformation to the element itself which mean no interpolation will be done. To be able to see the interpolation you would need to keep your Drawing 1 exposed from the beginning to the end and use the transform tool to skew the drawing and get the shape needed.

The other option here would be to use Morphing though for complex shapes like this it may be more efficient to simply do the animation with keyframes.

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Thanks Ugo, that gets me on the right path with this.

Regards and have a great weekend!