Interpolation / Auto In Betweening

For some reason I am not seeing any automatic interpolation even though by default Toon Boom is supposed to fill it in.

I created a beginning condition. I then made a few stages of movement. However there is nothing between these so the movement jumps abruptly when playing the animation.

Any ideas as to what I have done wrong?

Right click your Timeline / Keyframes / Set Non Constant Segment…
There should be a black line between your keyframes…

In Studio’s Preferences / Sceneplanning / uncheck Create Constant Keyframes.

Thanks but that did not produce interpolation. Have a horizontal black line, top and bottom of the selected item. Do you mean vertical between frames? It is solid green. The preferences box was unchecked. It still only has the cell stages I manually created. So the animation jumps from nothing to the position I moved to in my artwork.
(No sound, it’s all fairly easy and straight-forward)


Thank you for your continuing assistance. I watched your video. Unfortunately, without audio or even text narration its usefulness is limited. I can see what you are able to do but it is difficult to pull out of this what you are doing when I do not already understand the procedure.

One thing that I see in your video is a horizontal black line passing though the bar. I do not have that. When I see horizontal black lines they are across the top and bottom of a selected bar. There is not he single line through the bar. I must be constructing mine wrong.

I think I am skipping a step. I am going to experiment. I think I have not selected the transform tool in the process. Will update.

Okay, I figured it out.

You have to Add a Keyframe at the beginning and end of a movement in order for the interpolation to kick in. I had thought there would be a keyframe already created when you create a fresh file. Then you would add a keyframe at the point where you made a change. But there are no keyframes until you add them. I also added a cell instead of a keyframe when I made the animation attempt that initially prompted this thread.

This may seem obvious to some people but to a noob there is nothing obvious about it. I only figured it out after watching a few videos multiple times and replaying certain segments to catch every detail. Could just be me. I acknowledge I know absolutely nothing (except this much) about Toon Boom Studio.

If there is a section in the manual describing this I did not locate it. If there isn’t there should be, and one easily pulled up in a search for “interpolation.”


Thank you so much for helping out here.

Earlier I said I could not find anything in the manual. I found a lot of things but piecing all of the parts together in a growth oriented sequence is what is missing. A few projects in video with each step written out in text to walk through is valuable. I learn by taking steps in increments rather than studying a book cover to cover without application of knowledge.

Actually, it might have taken quite a large volume to include everything that has been accomplished by asking a question in this thread and someone linking to sources of information. So pardon the noob questions. The responses received should help others in my shoes.

Thanks again!