Interface text fields

Does anyone else have the intermittent problem where the text field looses priority over keyboard shortcuts before having the chance to enter a value?

It is probably related to "Focus on Mouse Enter"preference, but the net result is that highlighting the “Close Large Gap” text field for instance, then entering a “2” or a “22” results in the camera view zooming in, or the text field not taking the new value. The only way to avoid it it to make sure my Cintiq stylus does not cross over any zones after highlighting a text field. This careful maneuver defeats the time-saving of being able to manually enter values.

Shouldn’t an active text box take precedence regardless of interface preferences? And only give up its precedence once “enter” or a mouse-click is received?

Harmony Advanced 12.2.0
Mac OS 10.10.5
Wacom 6.3-15-3

Is it possible that you are accidentally hitting some pen or tablet
button while you are gliding the cursor over?

In rare cases I have seen some EMF fields interfere, causing ghost-clicks.
Try moving speakers, wires away from the computer and tablet if possible.
When this happens there is an audible clicking that users sometimes
ignore because it is so familiar.

As a test move the system somewhere there are few electronics
and see if this still happens.

hello rkriz. Thanks so much for your response. This has been happening on two different systems with two different users. The systems are identical except for the size of the Wacom Cintiqs (22 v 27). Software/os/driver versions in my original post.

It is a repeatable problem on both of systems with careful or normal use. They are about 10 feet apart, and I am not getting this kind of behavior with any other software (premiere/photoshop/web browsers).

My guess is that it is caused by some combination of OS, wacom drivers, and toonboom version.