Interface suggestion

The wash and opacity values are just abstract numbers, It is impossible to know f 0.8 will make things more transparento or more opaque. A visual indication of how those scales work would be awesome. We are artists, please make the interface visually friendly.

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I can’t believe they haven’t heard of sliders.

On a somewhat related note, can you please add arrow key functionality to frequently-edited number fields?

In the below example, pressing the up arrow should increment the Saturation to 78, 79, 80, etc. The way it is now, where we must try to fine-tune the right colour by manually re-entering a different number each time (or by trying to uber-accurately click on neighbouring pixels with the pen) is seriously tedious and slow.

In the next example, pressing up/down could increment the value by 0.1 while pressing shift+up/down could increment it by 1.