interface of kick-start videos for a mac ( a .dmg installer file)

is there a reason why is the kick-start videos interface based on a windows os environment and not on a macosx one?

Do you mean why the actual videos were shot with a windows environment, or do you mean there’s something wrong with downloading and running the kick-start videos on mac?Whenever video tutorials are made for the software, it’s usually an arbitrary decision which OS we use to do the tutorials. Since the software is the same on both OSes, it shouldn’t make a difference whether you view the videos for Mac or for Windows - the videos themselves would be the same. There are only minor differences, for example Help > About would be Animate > About on a mac. But in terms of the actual software and the manipulation of tools etc., they are identical.~LillyToon Boom Support

yeah, i mean the first item.i know other software packages (CAD, for instance), where parts of the tutorials are being shot on computers running windows, parts on macosx.i find this a kind gesture towards users on various operating platforms.rob

I will pass on your comments. In the office here we are equally split between Mac, PC, and Linux (for Harmony), so we show no favouritism to one platform or the other - but I understand what you mean.~LillyToon Boom Support